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Sports Medicine Intervention

Within our Sports Medicine Intervention portfolio, we offer a targeted solution for treating osteoarthritis with Hyalosyn™ Gel Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections. These injections supplement the natural human HA found in the synovial joints thus increasing the shock-absorbing capacity and reducing pain.

Hyalosyn™ Gel is a 1% sodium hyaluronate viscoelastic sterile solution, manufactured by synthetic fermentation, with no microbiological residues. Hyalosyn™ Gel comes in a pre-filled syringe for easy injection into all synovial joints. Treatment with HA is clinically proven for osteoarthritis for over 10 years and facilitates improved joint mobility and reduces pain caused by osteoarthritis, or at first signs of movement limitations and joint pain.

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Hyalosyn Gel

Hyaluronic acid injections for all synovial joints to treat osteoarthritis

Hyalosyn Gel

Joint Care | Intervention

Restoring patient mobility with targeted therapeutic solutions addressing osteoarthritis

Joint Care | Intervention