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Spine Stabilisation

Within our Spine Stabilisation Portfolio, we offer a targeted solution addressing spinal compression fractures with Vebroplast®, our radiopaque vertebroplasty bone cement.

Vebroplast® is biocompatible acrylic (PMMA) spine cement used for the strengthening, fixation, and filling vertebrae after a vertebral compression fracture (VCF) through a quick and relatively safe intervention.

Vebroplast® further contains barium sulphate used to improve visualisation under fluoroscopy and its composition ensures biomechanical strength and firmness maintaining penetrative and fixing properties while injecting it under low pressure.

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Spine | Intervention

Spine | Intervention
Vebroplast_liquid and powder


Vebroplast® is biocompatible acrylic (PMMA) radiopaque vertebroplasty spine cement