eCOO® Technology


eCOO® Technology

eCOO® Technology is Leader Biomedical’s unique proprietary solution to clean, sterilise, and impregnate human and animal-derived bone and tissue grafts using supercritical carbon dioxide. It meets all the requirements for an optimal tissue graft through being able to thoroughly clean and or sterilise tissue without compromising its original biological characteristics.

In order to create safe tissue grafts that can be used for various indications like chronic wounds, orthopaedic malformations, extensive trauma, maxillofacial reconstruction, and sports-related injuries, tissue grafts have to be effectively cleaned and sterilised with minimal impact to the quality of the grafts.

Residual cells from the donor in the tissue graft can invoke an immune response that can render the tissue graft useless. Pathogens still present in the tissue graft can induce severe infections which can worsen a patient’s outcome and drive costs up significantly. Therefore, the optimal tissue graft is cleaned in such a way that it becomes free of any (residual) cells and pathogens and has an unaltered ultrastructure and molecular consistency.

Furthermore, the optimal tissue graft is produced according to the worldwide standard whereby a 10-6 reduction of the microbial load (Sterility Assurance Level, SAL6) is sought for all kinds of micro-organisms.

Due to a host of material, scientific and technical limitations, all the listed advantages of the eCOO® Technology platform may not apply to all allograft and xenograft products.

eCOO® Technology platform


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